The 7 ways to reduce heating oil expenditure [Free Ebook]

Author: Will Goldsmith
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Heating oil users are frequently presented with volatile and seemingly uncontrollable heating costs. But what many don’t know is that these costs can be controlled.

Often buyers get struck in a constant loop of paying higher amounts even when they could have controlled the amount and made the entire buying process more in budget.

The 7 ways to reduce heating oil expenditure [Free Ebook]

Since last time Heating oil rates have hiked, making it difficult for buyers to buy it. But we have worked on finding a solution that will make it easy for the buyer to stay within budget and work within the limit. 

We have made it easy for everyone to understand how this buying in a budget process can be made very easy and ways the buyer gets the resource they need and that too in a budget. Discover the 7 simple ways to control these costs and assist profitability. Download the Free Ebook now.

We help organisations using heating oil control their costs and emission with confidence. We have helped many organisation cut down their costs and stay within the budget they have planned. Last year, we helped organisations save approximately £1.6 million and reduce CO2 emissions by over 6,700 tonnes, by switching to Prema’s Specialist Liquid Heating Oils.

The 7 ways to reduce heating oil expenditure [Free Ebook]

Are you ready to reduce your heating oil costs and stay within your budget range? We have helped many organisations deal with these same problems.

  1. Consider total fuel costs (not just pence per litre unit costs!).
  2. Choose the most suitable fuel oil for your specific application.
  3. Choose fuels that are priced against relatively stable pricing indexes.
  4. Consider floating index-linked pricing.
  5. Ensure suppliers pass on falls in wholesale prices to you (& not pocket it themselves!).
  6. Consider fixed-rate pricing.
  7. Benchmark quotes (correctly!).

The beginner’s guide to buying HVO

Learn how HVO lowers CO2, emissions, is fossil-free and a sustainable alternative to conventional fossil diesel.

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