Which heating oil is right for my application?

Author: Will Goldsmith
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Prema Heating Oil and Industrial Heating Oil are purpose-designed for use in heating applications; providing consistent and dependable heat at a controlled cost. Prema Heating oil are made to fit the very purpose of the need. When the need arises you can very easily discover which product is right for your organisation’s application and which product efficiently suits the need of the organisation. Choose what fits the best.

While choosing an apt product that is in accordance to organisations need, one can get confused very easily. By seeing at myriad options, decision making can get quite confusing. We have made it easy for you. If you require any further information or clarification, click here to get in touch.

ApplicationTypical organisation typeRecommended
Space heating & central heatingGeneral commercial buildings
Schools & colleges
Public buildings
Apartment blocks
Hot air blowers in various spaces
Prema Heating Oil
Industrial boiler plantAbattoirs
Animal feed mills
Food manufacturing
Other manufacturing
Prema Heating Oil
Dryers and heatersAggregate providers
Metal processing
Other manufacturing
Tarmac plants
Prema Heating Oil
Industrial Heating Oil 
(please enquire here to confirm the suitability of a specific application)
Which heating oil is right for my application?

* Prema Heating Oil is only for use as a heating oil and must not be used as a road fuel or for any other mobile plant and machinery which have diesel engines. It is not for use in diesel engines that have to use red gasoil because a different duty rate applies.

To get a better understanding of what works for according to your needs and suits you the best, please enquire below to confirm the suitability of the product for your specific application. Our team look forward to speaking with you. 

The beginner’s guide to buying HVO

Learn how HVO lowers CO2, emissions, is fossil-free and a sustainable alternative to conventional fossil diesel.

Hvo fuel brochure on iphone

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