HVO - low carbon diesel

Reducing carbon, raising performance, protecting the planet
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Reduce carbon emissions

Reduce your carbon footprint without compromising on performance.

HVO is a low carbon, low emission, fossil-free and sustainable alternative to conventional fossil diesel. It is fully interchangeable with conventional diesel, and can be mixed at any percentage. 

HVO is a fundamentally different fuel to biodiesel. As such, it doesn’t suffer from any of biodiesel’s associated issues.

Last year we helped organisations reduce CO2 emissions by over 7000 tonnes

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What is HVO?

Here is our simple guide to HVO, how it’s produced and what makes Prema HVO different.

Overcoming biodiesel's sustainability setbacks

Biodiesel has a tarnished reputation when it comes to sustainability, often with good reason. Discover why our next-gen HVO is something else entirely.

Understanding the costs of switching to HVO

This fuel product is a drop-in replacement for Gasoil and other heating oils. That means no costly modifications or downtime. 

The Beginners Guide to HVO [Free Ebook]

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Worried about manufacturer warranty?

Most manufacturers already support an instant switch from diesel to HVO.

Ready to learn more?

We get that there is a lot to consider when changing your fuel provider. Our technical team are here to help every step of the way.

Switching is easy

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1. Schedule a Call

Schedule a call with us to help us to explore ways in which we may be able to help you.

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2. Assessment & Advice

We will assess and advise if a specialist liquid fuel would provide you with the best fuel for your organisation’s specific application and goals.

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3. Switch Fuel Supply

Our team will provide you with all the technical and engineering support to alleviate concerns about any disruption to operational performance.

Choose the best fuel for your application

Discover our range of liquid fuel oils.

We import, blend and wholesale

Prema Energy is the chosen supply partner of a number of major UK distributors.