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Specialist Liquid Fuels

Liquid fuel alternatives to conventional Diesel & Heating Oil

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Accepted & Proven liquid fuels

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Reliable Performance

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Lower Emissions

HVO diesel

Up to 90% net CO2 reductions

HVO is a low carbon, low emission, fossil-free and sustainable alternative to conventional fossil diesel.

  • Reduce CO2 emissions – up to 90%
  • 100% interchangeable with fossil diesel
  • Certified sustainable by ISCC

Control your carbon emissions with confidence.

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Prema's Specialist Fuel Knowledge Hub brings together decades of expertise alongside the latest market and product updates. Educate your team in specialist fuels today.

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HVO - low carbon diesel

HVO is a low carbon, fossil-free and sustainable alternative to regular fossil Diesel. It provides substantial carbon emission savings and superior reliability over conventional Diesel.

Prema  heating oil

Prema Heating Oil is a gas oil for use in heating applications. It provides consistent and dependable heat at a controlled cost.

Industrial heating oil

Industrial Heating Oil is designed specifically for large heating applications. It provides low heating costs and consistent, trouble-free performance.

Ultra low carbon heating oil

Ultra Low Carbon Heating Oil is for use in heating applications. It provides substantial carbon emission savings and consistently dependable performance.

GTL - low emission diesel

GTL is a clean-burning liquid fuel alternative to conventional fossil Diesel. It provides lower pollutant emissions, superior reliability and cleaner air.

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Schedule a call with us to help us to explore ways in which we may be able to help you.

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2. Assessment & Advice

We will assess and advise if a specialist liquid fuel would provide you with the best fuel for your organisation’s specific application and goals.

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3. Switch Fuel Supply

Our team will provide you with all the technical and engineering support to alleviate concerns about any disruption to operational performance.