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Liquid fuel alternatives to conventional Heating Oil and Diesel

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Why Choose specialist Liquid fuels?

Our range of specialist liquid fuels are interchangeable with conventional heating oils and Diesel.

Specialist liquid fuels often provide the best fuel for an organisation’s specific application and goals, whether this be to control costs or reduce emissions.

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Control Heating Costs

We understand the importance of controlling heating costs whilst maintaining a consistent and dependable heating power supply.

Prema’s commercial heating oils provide controlled costs with confidence.

Reduce Heating emissions

Many organisations are aiming to control heating emissions and maintain consistent performance in accordance with their financial plans.

Our range of accepted and proven ultra low emission heating oils provide you with relatively easy steps to substantially reduce emissions in accordance with your financial plans.

Reduce emissions from diesel applications

There is increasing pressure to reduce emissions from Diesel applications, whether this be from generators, non-road mobile machinery, or road vehicles.

We provide cleaner drop-in replacements to conventional Diesel, that reduce CO2 emissions and pollutant emissions.

Fuel Buying Guides

Keep up to date with changing fuel costs, emissions legislation, carbon taxes and more. Helping you through the UK’s energy transition.

Oil Price Outlook 2021

Oil Price Outlook 2021

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Switch with Ease

Control your fuel supply with confidence 

Interchangeable with Current Fuel

Our specialist liquid fuels will initially mix with your current heating oil or conventional Diesel. They can be blended at any percentage. Switch supply without concern.

Minimal Modifications or CAPEX Required

Minimal modifications and capital expenditure required when switching to specialist liquid fuels.

Delivered Safely and on Time

All products are delivered safely and on time from our flexible and responsive regional supply and distribution network.

Technical Support

We will provide you with the appropriate level of technical and engineering support required to switch without concern about disruption to operational performance.

“Orders & enquiries are always dealt with promptly. All in all, a pleasure to do business with!”

switching is easy

Prema Energy

1. Schedule a Call

Schedule a call with us to help us to explore ways in which we may be able to help you.

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2. Assessment & Advice

We will assess and advise if a specialist liquid fuel would provide you with the best fuel for your organisation’s specific application and goals.

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3. Switch Fuel Supply

Our team will provide you with all the technical and engineering support to alleviate concerns about any disruption to operational performance.

Prema  Heating Oil

Prema Heating Oil is a gas oil for use in heating applications. It provides consistent and dependable heat at a controlled cost.

Industrial Heating Oil

Industrial Heating Oil is designed specifically for large heating applications. It provides low heating costs and consistent, trouble-free performance.

Ultra Low Carbon Heating Oil

Ultra Low Carbon Heating Oil is for use in heating applications. It provides substantial carbon emission savings and consistently dependable performance.

HVO - Low Carbon Diesel

HVO is a low carbon, fossil-free and sustainable alternative to regular fossil Diesel. It provides substantial carbon emission savings and superior reliability over conventional Diesel.

GTL - Low emission Diesel

GTL is a clean-burning liquid fuel alternative to conventional fossil Diesel. It provides lower pollutant emissions, superior reliability and cleaner air.

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