Ultra low carbon heating oil

Lower your carbon emissions - for good
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Reduce carbon emissions

Reduce carbon emissions with no compromising on performance

Prema’s Ultra Low Carbon (ULC) Heating Oils are sustainable, liquid-fuel alternatives to fossil heating oils. The range is 100% interchangeable with the fossil heating oils.

Reduce CO2 emissions with no change to your existing infrastructure.

Last year we helped organisations reduce CO2 emissions by over 7000 tonnes

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Reduce your carbon emissions

Benefit from a direct and immediate carbon reduction.

ISCC certification (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) provides specific GHG emission savings.

Interchangeable with fossil heating oils

ULCHO is completely interchangeable with conventional fossil heating oils.

It can be blended at any percentage. This means minimal or no modifications to the boiler, burner or operational infrastructure is required.

Performance you can count on

Consistent fuel properties provide assurance you will not experience the common issues associated with first generation low carbon bio fuels (notably; Ash content, Total acid number, Cold Filter Plugging Point).

Sustainable supply

ISCC proof of sustainability specifically confirms the; production facility, raw material origin & type, supplier, traceability, the ability to sell into the market and the well to tank (WTT) GHG emission factor.

ISCC is an independent, globally applicable, sustainability certification system.

Step-by-step method of reducing emissions

We understand that 100% Renewable heating oils are relatively expensive in comparison to fossil heating oils.

Our range of Renewable and Fossil Heating Oil blends provide you with a CO2 emission reduction at a price point suited to both your environmental and financial plans.

Ready to learn more?

We get that there is a lot to consider when changing your fuel provider. Our technical team are here to help every step of the way.

Switching is easy

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1. Schedule a Call

Schedule a call with us to help us to explore ways in which we may be able to help you.

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2. Assessment & Advice

We will assess and advise if a specialist liquid fuel would provide you with the best fuel for your organisation’s specific application and goals.

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3. Switch Fuel Supply

Our team will provide you with all the technical and engineering support to alleviate concerns about any disruption to operational performance.

Choose the best fuel for your application

Discover our range of liquid fuel oils.

We import, blend and wholesale

Prema Energy is the chosen supply partner of a number of major UK distributors.