What Is The HVO Price In The UK?

Author: Will Goldsmith
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HVO is a sustainable fuel that is generally used as a substitute for regular diesel. It produces low carbon emissions and does not rely on fossil fuels, making it a sustainable fuel source. Because of this, HVO fuel has become very popular with companies and businesses who want to go green. In this blog, we will discuss the average HVO prices in the UK, as well as other important things to know about HVO fuel.

What Is The HVO Price In The UK?

The advantages and disadvantages of HVO fuel


1. HVO fuel is environmentally friendly

HVO fuel is created from renewable raw materials, which have a lower negative impact on the environment than other fuels. Additionally, it results in as much as 90 per cent fewer emissions than fossil diesel. This is the main reason why businesses switch to HVO, especially those anticipating strict regulations on emissions by the UK Government.

2. Can be used interchangeably with regular fossil fuel

Another advantage of using HVO fuel is that it can be used in any diesel application, without the need for any modification.


1. Higher upfront costs

The HVO diesel price in the UK is higher compared to fossil diesel, so you should expect to pay more if you’re making the transition. But compared to other sustainable fuels, HVO fuel is actually much cheaper as there is no need to modify existing equipment when using HVO. In fact, it can be freely mixed with fossil diesel in any ratio.

Uses of HVO fuel

As stated earlier in this blog, HVO fuel is mainly used as an alternative to diesel. A lot of equipment that utilises diesel can be freely switched to HVO fuel – for example, generators, tractors, and machinery, tankers, construction equipment, etc. Pure HVO fuel can even be used as an alternative to diesel vehicles without any modifications. This is because mineral diesel and HVO have similar properties that allow them to be used interchangeably.

Take note that just because HVO fuel is not mentioned in your car’s handbook doesn’t mean that it is not compatible. It is possible that it is simply omitted, or you have an outdated handbook, but your vehicle can fully support running on HVO fuel. If you are worried, you can always check with the manufacturer of your car’s engine to be sure.

HVO fuel even has OEM from most major automobile manufacturers, like Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Renault, Peugeot, and even heavy-duty vehicles like Scania, Iveco, DAF, and more. For people who are not aware, OEM-approved fuel can OFTEN be used without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty on your vehicle.

The price of HVO fuel in the UK

HVO fuel generally costs more than fossil fuel, which is one of its drawbacks.

If you are interested in switching to HVO fuel to reduce your CO2 emission, consider buying your HVO fuel from HVO Fuel UK. For many years, we have been selling HVO fuel directly from wholesalers to various UK businesses that want to reduce their carbon footprint. With our help, you can reduce your carbon emissions by as much as 90 per cent. Read the corresponding section on this website to learn more, or download the free e-book on HVO that is available here.

Buy your HVO fuel from us to take advantage of our competitive HVO price per ton. To get an exact quote on our HVO fuel rates, you can fill in basic information on our quote generator. You only need to input your name and contact details, the address where the HVO fuel will be delivered to, and the quantity in litres of HVO fuel you require, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What Is The HVO Price In The UK?


How much more expensive is HVO than diesel?

The distribution of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO)fuel in the UK is limited. Because of this, one of the drawbacks is the HVO price, which is around 10% to 15% higher than regular diesel. However, the reduction in carbon emissions makes this fuel well worth using.

Is HVO carbon-neutral?

HVO renewable diesel is a high-performance, zero-emissions diesel fuel made entirely of renewable raw materials that produce no new carbon dioxide when used. Although the hydrotreated vegetable oil for biodieselprices are relatively high, HVO has superior combustion, filterability, and cold temperature tolerance compared to other diesel fuels.

What is HVO used for?

HVO fuel can be used as an alternative to diesel. This means that it is applicable to all vehicles and machinery that can run on diesel. HVO can be used for industrial trucks and tankers, boilers, portable generators, and automobiles. Besides being an alternative to diesel, it is also being studied to be a viable alternative to kerosene heating oil.

Is HVO diesel sustainable?

HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) is a completely biodegradable diesel made from vegetable oils, grease waste, or residue from the food industry and agriculture. HVO is a renewable diesel because its raw materials are readily available to be manufactured again and again. Compared with ordinary diesel, CO2 emissions can be reduced by up to 90% when refilling HVO fuel.

Who makes HVO fuel?

HVO is created using a recent technique for generating high-quality diesel fuels from entirely renewable resources that can be regrown when required. The crops used to make HVO fuel are non-toxic and carbon-neutral, and thus do not cause any harm to the environment.

What is HVO fuel made from?

HVO is a form of vegetable oil or animal fat that has been hydrogenated or hydrotreated. In the hydrotreatment and isomerisation process, vegetable or other oils react to hydrogen at high temperatures and pressures.  HVO meets the bio content standards without including any FAME, reducing harmful emissions when used in diesel vehicles and machinery through much-improved burning efficiency.

What Is The HVO Price In The UK?

Pros and Cons of HVO

There are advantages and disadvantages to using these newer forms of diesel-like HVO. Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks in detail.

  • The Pros
    • Reduces emissions – In general, compared to traditional diesel, using HVO reduces NOx, PM, and CO2 emissions.
    • Drop-in fuel – Unlike other eco-friendly alternatives, there is no need to change your system’s infrastructure.
    • Longer shelf life – The main advantage of HVO over regular biodiesel is its enhanced shelf life.
  • The Cons
    • More expensive – Hydrotreated vegetable oil rates are more costly than regular diesel, but it’s not as pricey as upgrading your infrastructure for other sustainable alternatives.
    • Limited availability – In comparison to the rest of Europe, the UK’s HVO manufacturing capacity is limited.

Advantage Of Using Biofuels

As the cost of gas rises and global warming advances, more people are turning to biofuels as a cost-effective alternative to fossil fuels. The following are some of the benefits of utilising biofuels.

  • Reduce greenhouse gases. People throughout the world are employing biofuels to power their houses, automobiles, and factories in order to restrict the emission of greenhouse gases. Experts say these biofuels reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 87%.
  • Sustainability. Since they are made from plants, people can grow and replant their raw ingredients. Thus, biofuel has an abundant, renewable stock.
  • High-quality engine performance. The good thing about biodiesel is that it can be used in existing diesel engines with little to no modification to the engine or fuel system, creating the same or better performance.
  • Fuel Economy. Biodiesel-powered vehicles get 30% better fuel efficiency than gasoline cars, which saves drivers money at the pump every time they fill up, even though the HVO price per litre in the UK is higher compared to regular diesel.

If you are looking for affordable HVO fuel, HVO Fuel UK is more than happy to serve your sustainable energy needs. We provide high-quality HVO fuel to anyone at a reasonable paraffinic bio-based liquid fuel cost, whether for commercial businesses or individual use.

The beginner’s guide to buying HVO

Learn how HVO lowers CO2, emissions, is fossil-free and a sustainable alternative to conventional fossil diesel.

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