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The definitive guide to controlling heating costs and emissions

This free Ebook leads you through the fundamentals of specialist fuel products, how to optimise your fuel selection and how you can reduce your organisation’s costs and emissions.

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What’s inside?

We understand that fuel buyers are faced with a wide range of products from numerous sales people. Not all of these products are best suited for your equipment or your cost/emission goals.

This guide will help you to ask the right questions, control your fuel costs and emissions, and ultimately procure the most appropriate fuel for your organisation. 

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Meet the authors

Written by our Prema Energy founders and specialist fuels experts – Stephen and James – and packed full of valuable advice that will steer you in the right direction when controlling your fuel costs and emissions. Stephen and James held decades of experience in the UK fuel industry, prior to starting Prema Energy in 2013.

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Key Chapters List

7+ chapters and 30+ pages of useful guidance and tips. 

  • A brief history of how the commercial heating oil market has changed.
  • How to choose the best heating oil for your organisation?
  • Heating Oil price outlook 2021
  • 8 ways to control your commercial heating oil costs
  • Avoid heating oil emission pitfalls and the rising cost of emitting CO2
  • Explore specialist liquid heating oils
  • 3 steps to switching to specialist liquid heating oils with ease

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